Spooky Halloween Fun Individual Items

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All the fun of Halloween is offered as individual items. 

Wicked Scented Bath Bombs featured in a Witche's Cauldron - This fragrance combines musky notes of patchouly, vanilla, and woods with kisses of sweet citrus and plums. Was that a hint of pure white lily? Or was it the tip of the iceberg of sensual vanilla?

Enchanted Apple Bath Bombs with a Spider Ring - The clean apple top notes make for a delicious treat. Apple opens the way for green, juicy pear notes and jasmine overtones and a light musk note.

Honey Harvest Body Frosting - Warm beeswax, fresh honey, hints of almond and oatmeal make this scent different from the rest.

Chai Tea Scented Aloe and Activated Charcoal Soap

Crisp Apple Rose Massage Oil - It's a mix of tart Granny Smith apples, delicate rose blossoms, and musk.